October 2011 Report

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October 24, 2011 - Salt

Limited time on our end has meant for very little NJ shore fall-blitz action. Usually by this time of year we have had numerous runs to the outer beaches under our belt and maybe even a few blitz-fishing events to show for it. Thus far, that has not been the case this year.

Well finally the opportunity presented itself to slip away for the day and give it a shot. So far the action this year has been spotty, but the forecast was looking good. The surf had time to lay down, and cleaned up from the hard S/SW blow of last week. We were hopeful we might just hit it right. As you know, saltwater fly fishing, when you have to make such a long drive is a complete roll of the dice. And despite such fly friendly conditions things just did not pan out as we had hoped. First light saw the beach loaded up pretty good with all sorts of eager anglers, casting every single sort of lure could can find at a tackle shot. And despite such a valiant effort, we did not see a fish landed, let along landed. Baitfish was non-existent as well. Even by mid-morning the flotilla of boats moved on, or headed back to the dock. It was quite clear that the action on this day was not meant to be. Maybe next time.

October 7, 2011 - Early Fall Action

With the great flows we are currently experiencing the early-fall action thus has been pretty good. Both on top, and underneath have been producing.

Just prior to the recent dry spell when the flows were up, we have been focusing on the underneath presentation. Small white buggers and bunny flies have led the way with the fish being extremely agressive.

As for the surface action, you can't go wrong with your favorite blue wing olive pattern or even an attractor like an adams. Then off the bend of the hook hang a dropper like a pheasant tail, caddis worm or even a hares ear. A lot of times this time of year the fish are not too picky, as long as the water stays a bit higher than normal. But as it continues to clear you might have to drop down in tippet size and even fly size.