July 2011 Report

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July 24, 2011 - Eastern Rains

Finally a bit of moisture for at least a small portion of the state. This time the eastern third cashed-in. Unfortunately the north-central missed out - - they remain bone dry with extremely low water levels.

Bullseye of the rains appear to be the middle and lower Lehigh watershed. Reports of 6" of rain in Walnutport and close to 5" in Lehighton have substantially raised the lower-Lehigh. Up towards of the dam amounts were a bit less with mainly 1-2" falling. With releases capped at 300cfs we could be looking at a 1,370' pool by the end of the week.

July 18, 2011 - West Branch Delaware Report

The West Branch continues to run very cold all the way down through the junction with the East Branch. Water temps at 10:30am in the lower West was 51F and never got much more than 60F. We're really hopeful the consistent 600cfs release continues the rest of the summer. Who knows though.

By far the most productive time frame is from 10am-2pm in the bright sun. Just unreal! Who'da thunk it! Once again, just like our late-June report there was a large tannish mayfly that hatched midday which really lit up the fishing. Prior to the hatch you can drum up fish on Isos. Just work the broken water. Add a small caddis worm to work a bit lower part of the water column. Fish were eating them as well. Will say though that these fish are jacked! They are tuff to keep tight! 55F water will do that. They are fat too!

In the eve the action was from say 8:15pm to like 9pm. Very small window with small sulpurs popping here and there. Mid-day action was definitely more drawn out and lots of fun. Just gotta put in your time on the water.

July 10, 2011 - Lehigh Report - Glen Onoko to Lehighton

Dogged by storms is one way to put. Slow fishing is another. A recent outting on the Lehigh turned out to be a rather slow one with just a handful of fish landed. In the mix were a couple of trout - rainbows and a few smallies. That is it! The trout were dredged up with stonefly nymphs fished deep under and indicator and the smallies went after a large articulated streamer.

As for dry fly activity - - it was non-existant. Not until right before dark did a few mayflies start to hatch - olives and summer sulphurs - no fish on them though.

July 4, 2011 - Happy July 4th!

Just like baseball and apple pie. You can't get any more American then largemouth bass and farm ponds!
Happy 4th!