December 2009 Report

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December 28, 2009 - - Tying

Brown buggers. This pattern really can move fish in the Lehigh. We like to make them pretty big - - 2-4 - - with longish tails. Along with the cone we continue to wrap quite a bit of lead into the mix. The goal of this fly is to get down, and get down quick; and throw off a big fish attractor profile. We tend to also fish a second fly off the back end - - something like our Maddie Wet.

Continue to check back to find out what we are spinning up for our local waters.

December 14, 2009 - - Precip

Is it us or does it seem like every few days we are getting pounded with heavy rains? December has been wet, November not so much, but October was a wet one as well. In the end though we could end up being pretty much on target for precip for the entire year - - with the sourtheastern part of the state getting a bit more precip than areas to the north and west.

December 12, 2009 - - NJ Beach - Last Hoorah!

One last effort to tangle with some saltwater predators came up empty. This year, just like last year, for the beach fly angler was not a good one. In talking with buddies who also hit the salt on a regular basis our consensus for the lack of fish is directly related to the lack of peanut bunker. For two years, now we have not seen them in numbers like we used to - - early 2000s/late 1990s. Where have they gone? Are they running deeper and more offshore? Who knows, but what we do know is past, classic-fall-blitzes took place when there were peanuts present. Now it is time to clean the gear and start hitting the tying bench to resupply the arsenal.

So long NJ salt You kicked our ass this year.

December 1, 2009 - - NJ Beachfront Bunker

Two pound adult bunker in the trough! Yep, that was the scene. Some of the biggest bunker we've ever seen in the fall along the beachfront, with some of the most overstuff, gator blues right on their heals made for a rather unique saltwater fly fishing event over the weekend. Though we did not land any fish, it was quite something to witness. Hopefully the bait sticks around, and a larger number of predator fish smell'em out.

Tough life being a baitfish!

November 26, 2009 - - Salmon River, NY

Happy Thanksgiving!

November really is migratory month. You've got the salt fish running southbound down the coast, then you also have the freshwater lake fish making a trek upstream into their favorite tributary. And of course you've got us to greet them.

The last few days we managed to get away from the grind and head northward where the silver run eastward into the Salmon River. It has been a few years since we've hit this fishery up, so we were lookin' forward tagging a few steelies.

Overall the fishing got better each day we were on the river due to basically, just figuring out where the fish are. Upstream is the name of the game, but so too are the fisherman. Downstream and more mid-river - - say Pulaski up through Pineville has fish, but you really have to work for them. They are there, and definitely less pressured.

When we fished the 2A to Pineville stretch we only swung streamers. Due to the lighter crowds we had plenty of water we could work over. A black bugger produced a few fish, and moved a handful more. Interestingly the better hook-ups came just after we would twitch or animate the swing in some sort of way.

Upstream of Pineville we used an estaz egg nymph rig. This is not the most exciting method to get into fish, but it did produce. Our mornings appeared to provide a bit better fishing than the be prepared to hit the water early.

Lastly, the Salmon River needs some serious rain. Not only to get rid of the death (chinooks) and decay (and stench) laying all about, but it would do wonders with bringing in some new fish, and moving about the ones currently in the river. I'd imagine after the next highwater event, the fishing will really turn on.

This fish ate a black bugger on the tail end of the swing.

Hi-stick steelie.