August 2009 Report

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August 24, 2009 - - Rain

We've been a wet pattern - especially here in the eastern part of the state for most of the summer. Since June1 amounts have been well above normal, but a closer look reveals that we are only about normal for the entire year. That said, the summer has been wet and lately - very wet! Take a look at the chart to the right which shows the past 14 days of water that has fallen from the sky. It would be nice to move some of the moisture a bit west to the central part of the state. Fall is shaping up for some good fishing!

August 11, 2009 - - Heat

The heat looks like it will be short lived. We all know our coldwater friends don't like the summer heat, and quite often our summers this far north can be more than stressful on our trout populations. Thankfully this one will be a one-dayer; two at the most. What we also have going for us is plenty of water. All over the state our waters are flowing at a good clip. This is definitely a plus as we head for the summer home-stretch.

August 10, 2009 - - Big Flies

Pasted below is one of the more effective fish-mover patterns from our upper D trip. As you can see it is a deceiver style tie, with a countershade and a bit of flash. We also moved fish on large bunny flies. A trailer hook would have definitely improved our hook-up rate. Next time we will be sure to have patterns with a hook toward the back of the fly.

August 4, 2009 - - Big Water

If you have access to a drift boat, now is the time to hit the Upper D Watershed! Reservoirs are full, and Cannonsville specifically is spilling. This means flows are up big time, and the fish are on the feed. This past weekend even desite the stained water, and a bit of debris we had solid action the whole time - two days of floating.

If you can hit it - - leave the small stuff at home. 5"+ streamers, and big/strong hooks are a must have. A 7wt rod also helps to ease the fatigue of an all day cast and strip event. This high water should be sticking around for a while yet, so make some plans to get on the Upper D for a truely unique trout fishing opportunity.

August 1, 2009 - - Update

There has not been too much fishing going on in our world. Though if you are one that likes to chase those tiny early morning swarming mayflies called Tricos, now is the time. The Lehigh Valley limestoners - Little Lehigh, Cedar, Bushkill, Saucon - are as good as anywhere in the eastern US to chase this hatch. You need to get out of bed early, to get a prime these bugs tend to hatch early, and more than likely it is the spinner fall that you are fishing over by the sun comes up. The Tully up in the Reading area also has a pretty reliable hatch. This stream is also much wider than the Lehigh Valley limestoners. You will need to go light with the tippet - - usually 5-6-7x, as well as small bugs. Trikes tend to range in the 20-26 hook size. Some folks either love this sort of fishing or hate it. It is worth a trip or two to see what it is all about. Good luck!

Trout luv them. Fisherman curse times!