February 2009 Report

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February 22, 2009 - Update

Cold air temps, and low flows are keeping us off the water. Man, it has been a very fish-free winter to date down here in SE PA. We are definitely looking forward to some consistently warmer air temps. What we are also looking forward to is our annual Penns Creek Trip! Year after year this trip is a great time, on one of the best streams in PA. Check it out!

February 7, 2009 - Tetons

Traveling and what not have kept us from being in front of the machine. Good timing though to be back in town -- 'cause warmer temps are on the horizon. No doubt, that with the reflective heat from the snow pack and the high air temps - - there will be bugs hatching. Look for even a few little black stones popping and skittering here and there on the streams that have this hatch, ie., Ridley. Midges will also be about. The slicker pools will be the place to look for the risers - - heat of the day style. But heat of the day fishing plays into the lone wild card for this weekend and that is potentially rapid snowmelt and thus, suddenly off-color water. We've seen this before here in SE PA. Should be interesting to see how that plays out. That said, we hope to get out and hit it in the coming days.

The Lehigh...We are booking, so now is the time to lock-in that preferred prime-time date.

Recent travels took one half of FFPA to this view in Wyoming. The brown line in the foreground is made up of Elk.