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December 17, 2008 - SE PA Limestoner Update

First off...sorry for the delay in getting something fresh up on the site - - with the holiday season and all the accompanying craziness, website time has been tough to work into the schedule.

Anyway, on to the report. With the recent rains and the warmer temps (/but now slop) local waters have been in perfect streamer shape for post-spawn browns. We are talking good color, and sustained higher than long term median average flows. This is a good recipe for scoring aggressive streamer fish. And when they are on, man is it fun stuff.

Lately the fly of choice has been a simple white streamer -- white marabou tail, palmered white bunny body -- all tied on a streamer length hook shank and topped all with a bead. There is also some weight wrapped into the body prior to the white bunny palmer. The cool thing about this pattern is that you can follow it along very well. Which means the visuals can be awesome! When time permits I'll get a pic of one for the site. Besides my box is running a bit low.

Salt...Word is there are still bass hitting small patterns in the surf zone. Weather permitting a bit more salt time might have to be worked in prior to the Holiday. Until then, relax and be safe.

White streamer caught SE PA wild brown.

December 1, 2008 - Happy Holidaze From FFPA

This year like is year's past FFPA is offering Guided Trip - Gift Certificates. You know, we try to do our best to make your significant other's holiday shopping experience that much easier. We all know it, us fly people guys are tough to buy for. We either have everything, or are very particular in what we wnat. An FFPA Gift Certificate solves all those problems. So tell that gift buyer - - all they need to do is shoot us an email, and we will help then out - How simple is that?

November 27, 2008 - Salt

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers! For the dedicated angler the salt is still producing fish. Over the past week we've made a few trips to the NJ coast, and have found fish each time. The action is not full-on-blitz conditions, but rather a put-in-your-time type of fishery right now. Maybe if we get some NE winds, then maybe all hell with break loose. One there there is no shortage of is bait - - sand eels currently stretch along the entire north and central NJ beach front unlike anything we've in years. One item of note though is the lack of peanut bunker. Maybe they are staying off the beach in deeper/warmer water, but everyone we've spoken too has been looking, and as of yet, come up empty on the peanut bunker search/front. We hope to hit it a few more times before the fat lady starts to belt it out!

Cold morning bass!