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Each year we look forward with great interest to our annual Penns Creek Weekend Package. This year we are hosting on April 26-27. FFPA pretty much considers Penns one of the top trout water in PA...and on this trip you will find out why. Penns really is the complete package - - from the bugs to the scenery to fish.They are the stuff of legends. On top of this you will also have first-class streamside lodging. Does it get any better than this? Email us for any questions and be sure to read more by clicking on the image to the right.

Prime Time
Lehigh Weekday Available

book it - May 16 - book it
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March 25, 2008 - Spilling!

Talk about lots of water! The Upper D basin reservoirs are spilling again. Spilling = streamer time! It is still up in the air whether FFPA is going to be able to make an early season run to the Upper D and toss our white marabou clouser hybrid. Each year that is our intent - but each year, life seems to worm its way into our plans, and trumps our good intentions. Time will tell!

Upper D early-season streamer fish!

Our Lehigh float dates are filling fast. We only have so many open dates for this unique east coast fishery. If you snooze, you lose.

March 17, 2008 - Update

The Corps has reached their 1,370' 2008 Flow Plan target elevation at Francis E Walter and according to a recent press release they intend to maintain this level for the start of the recreational season - May 10. Makes sense to FFPA - - no reason to dump this accumulated water and have to start collecting all over again.

Valley Creek...
The olives are popping here and there on Valley. This is great to see. Bug life on Valley has definitely taken a serious hit in recent years as a result of all the sedimentation, and urban sprawl. It should also be noted that on quite a few rocks are the very noticable encased caddis worms. Years ago the apple green caddis was a great hatch. Lets hope it is making a resurgence.

March 11, 2008 - Update

The big rains came, and for the most part the majority of the larger rivers faired just fine - despite being just about bankful prior to the onset of the storm.

Francis E Walter once again did what it is designed to do - - capture water, and then let it out once the flood threat has dissipated. On the chart to the right you can see that Walter rose to about 1,388' sea level as a result of the rain-snowmelt-rain event. This translates to utilizing about 35% of flood storage.

Remember the 2008 Recreation Plan calls for an elevated pool level of 1,370' as we head into the spring and summer whitewater season - - well we're there!

March 6, 2008 - Update

Big rains, and more on the way. Francis E. Walter at the height of the runoff from this most recent rain, and the snowmelt event was taking in upwards of 8,000cfs, if not more, while only releasing 250cfs. However, even with this minimal release, downstream Walnutport still exceeded flood stage which is about 17,500cfs or 8' on the gage. Walter no doubt minimized the flooding in the Walnutport area, but it certainly did not stop it. By the way, the two green, and lone red and orange dots on the map to the left represent the gages immediately downstream of the four Delaware River flood control impoundments managed by the Corps' office in Philadelphia - - north to south - Prompton, Walter, Beltzville and Blue Marsh.

Out in Central PA Penns Creek also surged. It exceed flood stage as well - - and in fact it crested at a level more than doubled its previous record for the date. Old record for the date (03.05) was 4,870cfs - recorded back in 1979.

Now what is somewhat of a concern is how our waterways are going to handle the next moisture-laden system. As of now, and what definitely seems to be the norm these days, the exact track for an event 3 days out has yet to be pinned down. Hopefully, this event will be a white one for our higher elevation, big-water watersheds since we certainly don't need a repeat of the April 2005 series of rain, snowmelt, rain events that lead to the serious flooding along the D. Not to mention, going into this next system, chances are, all the under-the-microscope Upper D, NYC drinking water reservoirs will be spilling. Cannonsville - Pepacton - Neversink.