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February 27, 2008 - Update

Each year we look forward with great interest to our annual Penns Creek Weekend Package. This year we are hosting on April 26-27. FFPA pretty much considers Penns one of the top trout water in PA...and on this trip you will find out why. Penns really is the complete package - - from the bugs to the scenery to fish.They are the stuff of legends. On top of this you will also have first-class streamside lodging. Does it get any better than this? Email us for any questions and be sure to read more by clicking on the image to the right.

February 19, 2008 - SE PA Limestoner Report

Finally a real-time report to post. The warm weather, and good flows from the recent rains/ice melt made for great conditions. Even noticed a few olives, and a handful of midges buzzing about - - but with the water a bit color, and flowing at a good clip - there was no surface activity. No worries though since the plan for this outing was to work some newly twisted cone-head buggers, along with a split-shot or two. All the fish hooked, and landed came tight to some sort of structure - - mainly woody debris. The tighter you can get your fly to the structure the better.

For the most part the fish seemed pretty aggressive. In fact the water temp registered 53F...that seems warm - - so maybe the thermometer is off. Anyway, there was a few times when immediately after the fly hit the water the trout were on it. They were not following, but rather hitting right away. That can make for some exciting fishing, but also can lead to a lot of missed fish. Boy are they quick.

Looks like we are back to some winter like weather in the next few days.

February 9, 2008 - Update

Decent recent winter rains have bumped our central and north-central streams into the above average range. At this time of year, sans ice, whenever you see the black and blue dots on the PA USGS Map it most likely means our trout water are flowing well - - and very well might be fishable on your warmest of days. Hopefully this trend of higher than normal flows will continue thru the remainder of the winter season and into the upcoming spring. The more water the better, as far as FFPA is concerned - - of course within reason.

February 4, 2008 - Tying Tyme

Time to restock the arsenal. For us, with client season around the corner, you definitely do not want to be without that t-money trout-fooler when the light gets low - - so putting in time at the bench now is a mandatory and pays off big-time when prime time rolls around.

Over the years, we've developed a comprehensive list of flies that just flat-out work - - here in PA, and all across the country. Some of them are featured on our Pattern's Page. You gotta give it a look-see during your surf-time. We've also written about quite a few other pattern's in our reports over the years - - but they've just yet to make it to the Pattern's Page. Pictured below is a sample of some of them.