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November 29, 2007 - PA Flows

If you are like us, we are always keeping two eyes on the water flows throughout the state of PA - - via the fantastic USGS website. There is not a better tool for monitoring your favorite water since just about every major watershed has a gauge at one point or another.

Lake levels can also be followed. For instance a chart of Francis E Walter is located to the right. This time of year the Corps likes to maintain the lake at a 1,300' level - aka 'conservation pool.' Lately they have been having a tough time due to the relatively consistant rainfall pattern NE PA has been in. Just for size perspective - when the FEW rises to 1,335' - about 5% of storage is being utilized. A drop in the bucket.

November 28, 2007 - NJ Salt

The most recent outing brought with it some tough fishing. Yes, there were fish to be had - the group got a few, but after the initial first light to mid-morning action - things died very quickly. It soon became very apparent that everything was off shore - way off shore in fact. Sometimes that happens. However, despite the lack of fish, there was still a decent about of bait. Some was spraying here and there, but most was being picked off by an endless progression of birds - mainly gulls. No gannets this time. Water temps are still conducive to holding bait and preds, but what we need right now is a bit of an on-shore blow to bring everything to your feet. Something else to consider is the substantial change in the weather pattern coming up in the next few days. Big weather makers can produce a feed prior. Any way you slice it, we will be out there hitting it this coming weekend. Dress warm!


Standard schoolie striper.

November 24, 2007 - Update

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers! For FFPA - time on the water has taken a backseat to family over the last few days - but that does not mean there are still not fish to be had. Word is the bass are still around in numbers and in the near-shore surfzone despite the run of warm weather and honking south winds which preceeded the Holiday. South winds can and have definitely shut down the fishing in the past and for the most part a south wind is not a favorable fishing wind. However, the reason for the bass to still be holding is due to the fact of the abundance of bait that is still holding tight to the beaches. We are looking at a combo of bunker and sandeels at this point. It is prime time to get out there and hit it! We have a full slate of outtings planned in the coming weeks - with a good crew of anglers. Hopefully, if the weather holds, we will have some real-time reports on the flip-side. Until then, don't eat too many lefovers!

Magic hour and greasy seas are perfect together.

November 19, 2007 - NJ Salt

More salt action, and more blitzing fish. This time the weather was much more extreme, with an in-your-face NE wind along with some stinging rain. This however, is striper weather - and the fish did not disappoint. Schoolies up to keepers right in the wash and along the rocks. The action began first thing in the am, with birds working the outer bar...and then it was like someone opened the gate. All of a sudden the birds were in the trough, and so were the bass. Lots of whitewater and very confused water flows, created the perfect set-up for the predators to ambush. After this action died, the rocks lit up. If it was not for the freshening NE wind, and an incoming tide, making the rocks even more dangerous, it is anyone's guess as to how long the action would have lasted. All day the conditions were borderline fly fishable...but due to the fact that the fish were so tight to the shoreline, you did not have to cast to far. If you kept your rod tip could punch your fly. Lightening fast line speed also was key.

November 15, 2007 - NJ Salt

Epic! That is the only way to describe the beach scene over the last few days. Blues up to gator size on peanuts right at your feet. For the fly angler this is what it is all about. The key to succes this time round was a weather window that in the past has been known to produce blitz conditions. This time, Dean was dialed in and nailed the call. Soon after hitting the beach...the nearshore zone, erupted with acre-size areas of blues just ripping it up. Peanuts flying, along with gulls, and gannets bombing. Following the blues around on more of the stealthy tip were some bass - very chunky bass! Our guess is that after dark the bass most likely turned on. Now is the time to start hitting the beach. Things are starting to look up! Our Salt Package still has some openings. Check it out.

One of Dean's choppers!

November 10, 2007 - Update

Right now the weather gods are not being too kind to the weekend-warrior salt fly angler. The past few days of the workweek featured some very fly friendly surf conditions and some decent fishing from what we hear, but as you guessed, come the weekend - the surf is churning big time. The bait guys are probably cleaning up, but with so much whitewater, it is very doubtful a fly would produce much interest. With the season moving along at a pretty slow clip at this point, and a somewhat warm for this time of year ocean, the predators will most-like be around for quite some time.

And right around the corner is our annual Fall Blitz Weekend.

Whether you are a newbie to the salt, or an experienced angler, this trip is a blast and you will come away with plenty more salt knowledge then before the outting. If you are interested you can read more about it on our Package Deal page, or just shoot us an email.

Weather pending...look for some real-time salt reports in the coming days. Till then...tight lines

Bait and fish at your feet. This is what it is all about.

November 6, 2007 - Update

Maybe the cold weather moving into the area will give the salt the jump-start that it needs. Typically, it is November when things start to really turn on. Up to now there has been nothing to write home about...the season has been a slow one for sure.

Lehigh Note...this past weekend the LRSA with help from the LCFA float-stocked approximately 8,000 fingerlings from the Glen Onoko area down to Walnutport. Some beats got a few more than others, but for the most part the fish were evenly distributed throughout. Pictured to the right is the rig used to transport the fish.