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New for 2005 is our Fall Blitz Package. This is a perfect oppotunitity to learn about fly fishing the salt.
We take care of all the logistics! If you want to catch bass and blues on the fly, then this is the trip you have been looking for. Very reasonably priced!!!

Bookings are done thru TCO Fly Shop. For any questions, email us at info@flyfishpa.net.

October 30, 2005

November is upon us and the fish are going to soon realize that their days of all out gluttony are numbered! This is when they go all out! From here thru December look for the salt to hit its stride. The bait seems to be collecting back up into migrating pods and the fish are sniffing them out. With the Indian Summer like conditions on the way - the beachfront looks prime to bust wide open.

On Saturday the bait materialized in the late afternoon, but there was just a few bass on them. Some gator blues were seen landed and the clammers had some steady action in the late afternoon once the incoming tide started up.

This schoolie bass took a brite chartreuse streamer.

October 27, 2005

Now is the time to send in your comments to the Army Corps regarding the 2006 Release Plan. They really do look at these and just like all of us, they to are learning how to best manage Francis E Walter and the downstream fishery. It will take some time, but in the long run we should reap the benefits....BUT if you do not comment, then you have no one to blame but yourself! Seriously, the fish/ecosystem has always had the smallest voice in this whole thing.

So get involved and shoot off an e to the Army Crops. Tell them how you feel about the Plan and what management practice you'd like to see at FEW. This can be done thru their Project Homepage. Or you can email comments directly to: Austin.L.Gerrard@nap02.usace.army.mil or Mervin.E.Brokke@nap02.usace.army.mil Please take the time and do this.

October 24, 2005

Be sure to check out our Fall Blitz Package. Hopefully once we get past Wilma things will begin to settle down and set up! Now is the time!

Big things happening on the Lehigh - check out thelehighriver.org

October 13, 2005

Well we fiinally got the rain, however you wouldn't know on streams since it has completely run off. Hey Mother Nature - we need a soaker!! Up to 10" fell with eastern PA taking the brunt of the wetness.

With all the rain the Corps and their management at Francis E Walter preformed perfectly. Once again when the rains began, the gates were closed to 60cfs and water was captured to minimize downstream flooding. The reservoir now sits at about 1,338' or so. With inflow pretty much equaling outflow - as of writing - the lake should remain just above the 2005 Plan 1,335" target elevation. This also means the whitewater folks are gonna get a release this weekend.

Raising the lake from 1,300' to 1,340' utilizes 7.6% of flood storage capacity and equals 2.75 billion gallons.
Prior to the blow...the bass were in the suds and along the rocks down at the shore. They were still on mullet - it is really getting late for that, but that goes to show how warm the water temps have been. We have even been seeing sea weed washed up on the beaches which originates in the Sargasso Sea. Pretty cool stuff! We will be back out once the weather settles down.

October 7, 2005

Isn't there a movie called the The Endless Summer?. Well, you do not have to look any farther than SE PA to find it! It has been a non-stop assault on our streams since mid-May or so and here we are in early Oct, and we still have 80 degree air temps. Actually, air temps have been so warm and rainfall so lacking, that just about all the tailwaters in PA are out of coldwater. Not to mention water temps in the wash along the NJ beaches is still in the 70s! Sheeesh!

However, having said all that...it does look like Mother Nature is coming to the rescue - for now at least - with a good shot of liquid. To say we need it bad is an understatement! Lets hope this is a trend or the start of a pattern change/drought breaker. Also, with the needed rain the whitewater enthusiasts can get their playtime. They too have suffered along with all us trout guys.

Maybe we'll be able to get out over the weekend. Who knows with some water, the bite could turn on. I know I would be relieved.