If the Lehigh River interests you - please email the Lehigh Coldwater Fishery Alliance your name and address.
There is an email link located on their home page.

August 2005 Report
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New in 2005 - Floats For Four, Say No More!

Fly Fish PA now can accommodate four person float trips. With the off-season acquisition of a 2005 ClackaCraft 15LP - we are your answer for corporate outings, reunions, get-togethers or just a good 'ole fashion day of hangin' out with your buds! Leave the golf course behind and hit the water! Contact us if you have any questions.

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August 30, 2005 - NEWS

For all you folks who frequent the site and live in the greater Pocono area, you should mark your calendar and be sure to attend the reactivation meeting of the Western Pocono Chapter of Trout Unlimited - on September 13, 2005. For more information - click on the pic to the right. Not only will this be an organizational meeting for the Chapter, but there will also be a presenation by the Lehigh Coldwater Fishery Alliance, which Dean Druckenmiller is the president.

The presentation will touch on it all! Topics will be: flows, whitewater, 1,450', stratification, Ivan, ACOE, by-pass valves, cold water, tributaries, AMD, and what you can do to make the Lehigh better! Don't know what all of the above means? Come and learn. Get involved! You can also find out more by emailing- info@flyfishpa.net

August 21, 2005 - Schuylkill

On Saturday we has out good client of ours Bob W. He is way into catching smallies off the top. So with that as our goal, we decided to try out the Schuylkill. We hit the water in the late afternoon and the weather could not have been any better...no wind and rather comfortable. We hit fish pretty much the whole time. Most fish came from water 2'-3' and deeper, with a nice flow. All were rather small, but lots of fun on the fly rod. There were a few hits from larger fish, but the hook-up did not happen. Along the way we noticed about 10 other fisherman - lots of people out today!

Hopefully more access will become available on this river. It really is a neat river, which is theoretically getting cleaner every day. If you are looking for float ideas - check out these great maps from the Schuylkill River Greenway Association.

Schuylkill smallie with a reel growing out of it belly. Just kidding.

August 16, 2005 - Upper D Report

Over the weekend we hit the Upper D. Actually we spent all our time on the West Branch as the main stem is not fishing well due to the prolonged high water temps combo'ed with the low releases early on in the summer.

Overall it was pretty decent - with quality trumping quantity. We had 20"ers + for everyone in the boat!! Pretty cool stuff and quite a rare occasion! Early on in the day - mid-morning - the caddis would start, then in the mid-day hours we had sulphurs and olives. The fish were on them sporadically here and there, but targets were many if you came across a pod. You really had to be on your A game in order to stick one!

Mist was a big time pain-in-the-xxx pretty much all day. This was due to the 48-52 degree water and the soupy 90+ air. Flows were about 1000cfs at Hale Eddy on Saturday, but on Sunday the water was cut back and the level dropped about a foot. This did not help the fishing at all. So we got one good day and one ok day on the water. Saturday is a day we will not soon forget.

Anyone care for a frosty one?!

Gary with the first 20" "plus" fish of the day. This one hit a streamer.

More big fish! Gotta love being able to get into fish like this in AUGUST!!!!

August 8, 2005 - Update/Report

Some real quick house-cleaning. We have decided to punt the Fall Penns Trip. With the current condition of that stream, it is better off for the trout, if they are left alone. Second, don't miss out on our Fall Blitz Package. Click on the pic to the right for more information.

Your standard brookie lie. If you don't move a fish in the first or second cast - then move on and cover water.

Sick of the trico crowd? If you are - then head on off to your nearest mountain freestone native brookie / brownie stream. This is what FFPA did over the weekend. We found plenty of hungry fish and some pretty killer scenery. Water temp was about 60 and the fish were very skittish. Flies that worked - adams, bi-vis, and royal wulffs.

Next weekend we are on the Upper D. Looks like water is now being released - so hopefully the fish will spread out some.

Pictured above is a very skinny brownie - all head! This fish ate an adams.

August 5, 2005 - Update

The dog days continue!!!

We are proud to announce that FFPA is cofounder of a new coldwater special interest group. This is a partnership amongst concerned anglers, guides and shop owners who appreciate and value the Lehigh. And most importantly, we all see the potential that she has! Take the time to click-thru and read the home page of LCFA to find out what the group is all about. Look for more information in the coming weeks and months....as there has been quite a bit going on behind the scenes. It is about time PA has a premiere tailwater fishery!

If the Lehigh River interests you - please email the Lehigh Coldwater Fishery Alliance your name and address. There is an email link located on their home page.