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March 27, 2005 - UPDATE

New in 2005 - Floats For Four, Say No More!

Fly Fish PA now can accommodate four person float trips. With the off-season acquisition of a 2005 ClackaCraft 15LP - we are your answer for corporate outings, reunions, get-togethers or just a good 'ole fashion day of hangin' out with your buds! Leave the golf course behind and hit the water! Contact us if you have any questions.

Right now the name of the game bug wise is either Beatis or Midges. Target the flats and slow water and look for the tell-tale rings. Hitting your local water during the heat of the day will also help in cashing in on the hatch. And even if you notice some risers, try to distinguish if the trout are taking duns or emergers. Just because you see a ring, does not mean flies off the top are being eaten. Splashy rises are a dead give-away for this. Be sure to check out the Nitro on our patterns page - it is a deadly imitation of an olive emerger. It is pictured at right.


Weather pending - this week, we have our first outing of the year. We will have to wait and see what mother nature has in store for us come Monday as we are in store for another is doubtful though the streams will weather this storm as well as the one last week. Water temps are still very cold - mid-forties.

This beatis vagan was observed on a SE PA limestoner.

March 16, 2005 - SE PA UPDATE

I wouldn't call the temps as of late warm, but it seems the increased light on the water is doing the trick and getting the fish active. Over the last few days more and more fish have been seen hanging in the tails of the pools. This is a prime indicator of hungry fish - looking for a meal. The thing is, when they lay in the tails….it is tough. Most of the time you spook them…actually it is more like all of the time. Nevertheless it is great to see the fish moving about. The suckers are also all schooled up.

As of late a bead head nymph has been the fly of choice. A good fly to use would be a similar pattern to the caddis worm we recently posted on the Patterns Page.

We will be at TCO Fly Shop this weekend to give a Lehigh River Presentation. The presentation is both educational and informational. We will talk about flows, patterns, fish, access, methods, rafters, bugs and what all of us can do to take the Lehigh up a notch.

March 12, 2005 - UPDATE
Lehigh River Evening Rise Float

Be sure to check out our Lehigh River Evening float trips. With everyone's schedule being jammed packed just about 24/7...these trips will maximize your time on the river...putting you into the fish when they are most active.

What You Get:

2-3 hrs floating on from 6-9pm to coincide with the evening hatch

Flies, gear and complete instruction

Beverages/Snacks supplied

Rates = 1 person @ $145 or
2 person @ $170
50% deposit at time of booking confirms reservation

For any questions - shoot us an email.

March 9, 2005 - Fly Patterns Page Update

Caddis Worm

Hopefully by now all of us have gotten a good jump on that list of flies-to-tie. If you are like me, there are always those new must have patterns, but most of the time is spent wrapping the old stand-bys. Pictured here is one of those standbys... A go-to pattern for us!

It has been recently added to our Fly Patterns Page - check it out!!

We feel this is a must have fly when fishing just about any stream in PA. Use this as a dropper from either a dry or nymph or as the lead fly in a dropper rig. Very effective..