January 2005 Report
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January 26, 2005 - UPDATE

This past weekend took FFPA out to central PA for PA TU's first quarter Executive Committee Meeting in Bellefonte. Yup, that is right! We braved the 'Day After Tomorrow' weather predictions. And so did a few other intrepid TU folks. It was great meeting the many faces behind the scenes at PA TU. It appears our presentation was well received and we have the endorsement of TU. They are backing our efforts to get cold-water releases from FEW.

Of course we cold not make a trip to the banks of Spring Creek without making a few casts. I do not know which was more exhausting - traipsing thru the snow or trying to get my waders on over about 5-layers of fleece. Mobility was not a priority. Obviously conditions were tough, but we did have a few fish hit our flies - none of which were landed. Small beadheads did the trick.

We would like to announce that we'll be giving our Lehigh River Presentation at this year's TCO Spring Party - March 19. We hope to see you there. As we said before we have some really cool facts, figures, maps, pics and handouts which back our ideas on how the Lehigh can become one the best tailwaters in the East - a 21st-Century trout stream. We think you will find it quite informative.

Check back from time to time for more updates.

Spring Creek in the 'Gorge.'

January 17, 2005 - UPDATE

We are pleased to announce that according to the Army Corps of Engineers there is to be a public forum meeting sometime in February to discuss the future of the Lehigh. At this time we do not know the date, but keep checking back for more. This has been a long time coming, and it is about time the stakeholders - you and I - can voice our concerns and vision for this river.

Also, on a related matter - Fly Fish PA, on behalf of the Lehigh River Stocking Association - Watershed Committee, is giving a power point presentation on the saga of the Lehigh to PA TU at their first quarter Executive Committee Meeting out in Bellfonte - Jan 22. We invite all to attend as we have some really cool facts, figures, maps, pics and handouts which back our ideas on how the Lehigh can become one the best tailwaters in the East - a 21st-Century trout stream. As you may know, this river has quite a history! It is also a relatively unknown fishery, and has immense potential. Our goal for the presentation is to provide awareness of this much-maligned fishery and as a result of this meeting we hope to generate a solid flow-plan that can be presented at the public forum...this plan will be endorsed by TU and will strictly look at what is needed flow-wise from FEW to create a fantastic wild-trout fishery extending all the way thru the gorge and beyond. There are already some great minds working on this....so it is just a matter of finalizing this plan.

Take a look and see what a Lehigh Float is all about!!

I tell you what! If these flows continue like they've been - we just might have to bust out the Clack on Penns this spring to fish it effectively!!! Relax...we are just kidding, we would not do that...but if you have any doubt about the amount of water currently in the ground and streams - then take a look at the chart at right - from Penns Creek, PA.

And now that we have some colder air moving into the area for the forseeable future the higher than normal flows ought to do a really good job at keeping water temps somewhat more elevated than the flip-side scenerio - low-flows. This just might keep the fish a bit more active, incase we get that little window of nice air temps and you decide to hit it.


We thank you for your support and look forward to 2005.

We have plenty lined up for the coming year. With the fantiastic flows we have had over the past three years the PA trout fishing should be fantastic in '05. We can't wait!! Please continue to check back for updates on our trips as well as the web site enhancements we have on tap.

Be sure to mark your calendar for these FFPA '05 trips:
Penns Creek - Apr 30-May 1
Spring Creek - May 20-21
Penns Creek - Oct 1-2
New Jersey Saltwater - Nov 12-13

Of course we always have our Business Person's Specials and Evening Floats on the Lehigh

We would also like to announce that Fly Fish PA has been named to the
Ross Reel Pro Team. Be sure to check'em out when considering a purchase.

Top quality reels, reasonable price, made in USA - 'nuff said!!

On top of all this - 2005 should mark the beginning of a new direction in management for the Lehigh River. Now that the road project is complete, the wheels are in motion to finally get new flow scenerios in place. According to the agencies the public will be involved. The potential this river has for a wild trout fishery is enormous.

If you have any question, feel free to send us an email