June 2003 Report

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Update - June 27, 2003

Well I guess the rain we received last weekend was a blessing indisguise. The heat wave we have received this week should not really affect the water temps too much due to all this water that is currently flowing in our streams. Our recommendations for this weekend would be to hit the central PA streams, limestoners or the small mountain freestoners. The bigger rivers in eastern PA should settle down by next week and make for some good 4th of July weekend fishing. This of course is dependent on any major rain events but it looks like we have finally settled into a normal summer time weather pattern.

With July rolling around we look forward to hitting the Susquehanna River for some great smallmouth action on the fly. Don't forget about the July trout fishing too, it should be great this year due to all the water. Hopefully we have the best of both worlds as soon as the water recedes a bit.

If you're interested in floating for trout or smallies, we are running a discount for the month of July on our drift boat trips. $20 will be deducted from your trip that is booked in July. Feel free to drop us an email if this interests you.

Update - June 22, 2003

Another weekend washout for the PA stream fly fisher. Here is to brighter skies in July. The last time we were on the Lehigh River was May 24. Since then it has risen dramatically. For a frame of reference when using the Lehighton gage - 2,000cfs is the upper limit for floating. You can float at higher flows, but conditions are tough. Normally we float from Lehighton, down. For wading - wait till the flow is under 1,000. And even at this level the Lehigh is a powerful river. Big water in every sense - use korkers, a wading staff and good judgement. The rocks are slippery and big. Give us a shout if you have any questions regarding access.

Isonychia - Slate Drake

Iso emerger

Iso nymph

Iso dun

When it comes to fishing a sumertime hatch - the slate drake definitely comes to mind. Be it a small brookie stream or a larger tailwater and even some limestoners - Isos are usually present and supply a continuous food source. Not usually a really heavy hatch, the Isonychia comes off in enough numbers that the fish are always looking up for them. Take for instance the Delaware River system - when during the heat of the summer you can usually drum-up a couple of fish from an otherwise barren riff usually with either a dry or an emerger. Hanging a nymph off the back-end as a dropper can also be productive.

Pictured above are three really effective patterns for imitating Iso - pattern directions soon to follow.

Report June 17, 2003

Once again a tough weekend for the PA bound fly fisher. Most streams big and small were just too high to effectively fish for trout. Our scheduled trip on the Lehigh was blown out along with an outing to some smaller Pocono freestoners. Streams right now though are rounding into fine shape - both flow and temp wise for this time of year, but we are riding a fine line between fishable and unfishable - especially with more rain in the forcast.

For you SE PA folks Valley Creek is looking really nice with a flow in the lower 30cfs range, which is fantastic for this time of year. The fish that inhabit this stream are absolutely amazing and everyone you land is truly a treasure. They could very well be some of the hardiest trout in the state.

Report June 12, 2003

Well another weekend is approaching and water levels on our bigger streams and rivers are way over the average flows for this time of year. This is not entirely a bad thing, just means we need to take a break or fish some smaller streams that have fishable flows. If ya need to wet a line this weekend we recommend hitting the small mountain freestoners located in the mountainous regions in PA. These streams are full of water and should fish quite well. We have a trip planned for Saturday to a secret stream in the Pocono area to try to catch native brookies. Most of the time a handful of dries will do the trick - caddis, wulffs or other hi-floating dry flies. You will be amazed at how aggressive brook trout can be and sometimes even better is the setting they call home. You never know what is around the next bend! If you are interested in fishing for these tiny gems, feel free to give us a shout.

Sometimes a stealthy approach is needed to catch these beauties

PA's state fish

June 10, 2003 - MV Report

Just returned from MV - pretty decent fishing, but no where near the numbers of fish as in years past. Things are getting off to a little slower start this year due to the coolish spring...in fact this year we spent more time with our winter hats on than any other trip up that way. If you put in your time you got into fish. Poge had numerous blues around on Friday - you had to wade out as far as you could and then hawk metal as far as you could, but you were rewarded with a 5-8# blue on every cast for a few hours. Even managed a few on the fly by teasing them in or by casting to the fish following the hooked ones.

By Sat/Su we figured out where some stripers were setting up and we managed some nice fish. Actually most fish hooked into were big - over 30". With some going much bigger that were never beached - one of which broke the hook-shank.

The beachfront for bass action was slow on Poge. In years past this was always the place to be, but not this year do to the lack of bait. We focused our efforts towards the inlets - swinging streamers and sand eel patterns with extremely erratic stripping techniques.

Here are just a couple of the fish landed over the weekend.


June 4, 2003 - General Report

Off to Martha's Vineyard for 4 days of hardcore flyfishing - Chasing big bass and bluefish. The word is from fisherman up on the island that big fish are really starting to show in decent numbers. Hopefully they will be in big time by Thursday. We will post a report and pictures when we return.

As for the PA fishing, it is not looking too good at the moment. Most of the larger streams - Penns, Lehigh, Delaware are up over fishable levels, with more wet weather on the way. Maybe, by the weekend things will round into shape. In the long run all this wet weather should make for a good latter part of June into the middle-part of summer.

Till next week...tight lines,

Jake & Dean

Hope to have many of these while on MV.